Why Electric?


There's never been a better time to switch to an EV, they're quick, efficient and 50% less expensive to run.

EV's are at the cutting-edge of automotive technology and with generous government grants for home charging points they make great sense for your pocket and the environment. Pre-loved EV's are even better value still as the majority of depreciation happens within the first year of ownership meaning they are close to parity with petrol and diesel equivalent

Batteries and safety


Today's pre-loved EV's have incredibly powerful and reliable battery packs that are safe and easy to charge.

Recent tests have shown that EV's with over 100,000 miles can still perform at 98% efficiency and go on to over 400,000 miles and retain up to 80% efficiency. All the manufacturers of vehicles we supply have battery guarantees from between 5 and 9 years so they're pretty confident and so are we. The high quality batteries are a very safe and stable power source, far safer than 60 litres of highly flammable liquid in the boot!

Service and Maintenance


Owners of EV's have experienced up to 50% less running costs compared to the equivalent diesel or petrol vehicle.

EV's have far fewer moving parts and therefore have less things to go wrong and less parts to service and replace so it makes sense that they cost less to keep too. Many EV owners report rarely changing brake pads and tyres due to regenerative braking.



Topping your electric car up could not be easier, plug in when you get home and have a full tank when you wake up.

Most EV owners choose to have a charging point installed at home which makes keeping your EV topped up convenient and cheap. The Government will pay up to £500 towards this install and EVHERO will help you get it all done safely and to industry standards. Set your charger to start when your electricity is cheap, a typical full battery charge will cost £2.50-£3.00, you'd be very happy if you paid that at the petrol pump. Topping up on-route is easy too, there are 16,500 public charging points throughout the UK which increases every week.

Driving EV's


Driving an EV is a unique and very rewarding experience, I was sold the moment I pressed the accelerator pedal.

They are incredibly simple and fun to drive, unlike their traditional counterparts all the power of the motor is instant and very controllable which translates to zero delay when you decide to go. Having driven from Cambridge to Paris and back I can reveal range anxiety is not a real thing, and even less so than running out of petrol or diesel is. Each car delivers an accurate display of how far you can go and when you need to refill the battery.



EV's have proven to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality where we live.

These are NOT fanciful claims, these are real facts that have been deduced from extensive studies by Universities all over our planet and they've all had similar conclusions. The total life emissions of an electric car, including its manufacture, battery manufacture and all of it’s energy consumption emits 50% less greenhouse gas than diesel. It is clear how this translates to the air our families breath.

EV's Save You £££s


It's a myth that EV's are more expensive than traditional cars, it is not the case with nearly new pre-loved EV's.

The cutting edge technology and latest production techniques dictate brand new EV costs are higher than old tech but level out within 1-2 years. This means buying pre-loved at EVHERO is the most cost effective way to enter the EV world and realise greater savings potentials. The technology has already been proven to be robust beyond 400,000 miles so it's time you started calculating your savings.



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